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Until there is a major reduction in the number of homeless cats, there will be an abundance of cats looking for homes at animal shelters. Opening your heart and home to one or more shelter cats may not have a major affect on the overall population, but for the animal that you take in it makes all the difference in the world. At any one time, our shelter partner PCAPS will have cats for adoption at their shelter location, cats at an adoption center in Petco on Sheridan, and rotations at Petsmart in East Peoria, and over half a dozen foster homes. Check out these locations and encourage others to do the same.


You can see all current animals for adoption online at or


"Free" kittens are never really free after they receive proper medical care.  You can adopt a fixed, microchipped, and vaccinated kitten from the shelter for a mere $75.  Providing the same necessary services for a "free" kitten could cost you several hundred dollars!  Older cats that were already spayed or neutered before coming to the shelter can be adopted for $10. Also, for the past several years, all cat adoptions have been FREE in the month of June or July.  That's right, a vaccinated, fixed, and microchipped cat for FREE! Stay tuned to PHS or PCAPS facebook page for any upcoming promotions.