Shelter Support

The Peoria Humane Society works very closely with the animals in the Peoria County Animal Protection Services Shelter.  PCAPS is an open admission shelter, meaning they do not refuse any animal that is dropped off or picked up and brought to the shelter.  PCAPS receives more than 4,500 animals annually who are in need of care and a new home.   The Peoria Humane Society provides support to the shelter in a variety of ways.


The Peoria Humane Society has developed a volunteer program to ease the burden on the shelter staff and benefit the animals.


 Man with dog. Children with donation supplies.

PHS assists PCAPS with the rehabilitation of sick and injured animals that find their way to the shelter.


Hurt dog. Hurt dog.


Burnie (pictured above) came to the county shelter after being purposely set on fire. He had severe burns all over his body.  The Peoria Humane Society paid for his treatment and now Burnie is happy with a new family that loves him very much.



 Dog in cone. Dog on leash.


The Peoria Humane Society paid for medical care for this sweet shelter dog, Nigel.  Someone had tried to crop his ears at home and both ears were infected and painful.  His ears may never look "normal" but that doesn't stop him from being the best dog his new owners could ask for!



The Peoria Humane Society helps transfer shelter dogs, cats, and even small animals to other animal welfare groups.  
Dog in car.

Layla's journey to another organization even included a plane ride!  That's one lucky Boxer!




The Peoria County Animal Protection Services (PCAPS) works with many area (and out of area) foster based organizations, breed specific rescue groups, and shelters to get as many animals placed as possible.  The Peoria Humane Society aids PCAPS in getting the animals ready to go on their journey by paying for the necessary vet care and helping with transportation costs.


The Peoria Humane Society will donate equipment and supplies when the shelter is running low. 


Employees with supplies.The Peoria Humane Society coordinates fundraisers and food drives to make sure the shelter animals  have what they need to make their shelter stay as comfortable as possible. PHS works with several businesses, especially around the holidays, to solicit donations for animals in the shelter. 





The Peoria Humane Society, in conjunction with the volunteer program, organizes outreach events to promote the adoption of shelter animals.



With the help of volunteers, PHS takes animals on outings to various businesses to get them in front of the public and hopefully into a new home. Adoption outreach events not only get the adoptable animals out into the public, but help the Peoria Humane Society spread their message throughout the community.  Being present at non animal based businesses can also put the idea of adoption in front of a new audience.


Employee at adoption table. Dog at adoption table.