Kitten Shower

Springtime is a time when kittens overflow at local animal shelters.  To help ease the stress that it puts on the shelter, the Peoria Humane Society hosts a kitten shower every Summer.  Most kitten showers are held in July from 12-3pm in the PHS Building at 2600 NE Perry Ave in Peoria.


The idea is for it to be like a baby shower for the homeless little kittens.  The kitten shower promotes adoption of the homeless little ones and also encourages those that attend to bring a "shower gift" of items that are needed to care for all the kittens until they find a home.  A wishlist is posted each year for participants to see what the shelter needs at that time.  Example Kitten Wish List.  It is a really fun event that includes refreshments, fun kitten related activities, and of course...face time with some adorable kittens!  


If you are looking to take your shower gift to the next level, think about creating a “Kitten Foster Care Basket” that will provide a foster home with all the essential items they’ll need to care for a litter of orphaned kittens!  This can be a fun group project – gathering needed items, packing the Kitten Basket, and delivering it to the shelter!  Each litter going to a foster home will get to take a basket with them to help them get off to a good start! Suggested items include:  plastic clothes basket, powdered kitten formula, nursing bottles, baby blanket, kitten bed (donut shaped), kitten wipes, small litter box, scoopable litter, litter scoop, cotton balls, roll of paper towels, kitten toys.


To go even further, a donation of $150 can sponsor a litter of orphaned kittens in foster care.    It will provide the most basic needs - kitten formula, canned kitten food and litter for 5 – 6 weeks of foster care.  Foster homes give these tiniest orphans a second chance by providing a loving and healthy home environment in which to grow and be loved until they are ready for adoption.


Here are a few of the cute faces that are being helped through your generosity!