Youth Programs

PHS partners with Peoria area schools to offer a character development program called Kindhearted Kids. Our goal is to help instill life-long values and grow childrens hearts for important lessons on responsible pet care, kind treatment of all living creatures, humane care of animals and their habitats.  Students also learn good decision-making, and how to be safe around animals. Each child is given a stuffed dog or cat to take home and be responsible for. Stuffed animals come with a name, background information, and medical history. Additionally, students keep daily care logs in journals and complete lessons on pet care. 


 In previous years, the children have wholeheartedly embraced the program. Several pets have their own outfits,  blankets, and accessories. Classes even created a “doggie daycare” location in the classroom for their pets to stay while the kids were in school. 


The Kindhearted Kids program is designed to promote empathy and kindness toward animals and help families understand the importance of responsible care of pets and making the right decision when it comes to adopting a new family member!  The Peoria Humane Society is proud to be a part of this innovative way to help children learn the importance of caring for pets. This program is made possible in part by a grant from the Wanda Muntwyler Foundation.




Testimonals from students are included below.

   “I have learned that we need to be kind to our pets.  I have shown my pet a lot of love because it has feelings too.  I show my dog love by taking it outside and playing with him.  I also have bought him some dog clothes to keep him warm in cold weather.”    ~Victoria Garcia
   “I learned that owning a pet is a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure you don't lose your pet and keep it on a leash. You also need to have identification tags to help your dog or cat if it ever gets lost.   I also learned that you need to have money to own a pet.  It costs a lot to take care of your pet the right way.”   ~ Jaida Adams
   “Owning a pet is a lot of work and you have to remember to care for your pet.  I had to remember to feed it, take it outside, play with my pet & take it for a walk.  Then I had to do my homework and get ready to go to bed.   I hope everyone whoever owns a pet is a responsible pet owner.  I don't want to see animals get hurt.”   ~ Tobin Robinson
   “I learned from Miss Kitty that if you own a pet, you need to have them spayed or neutered.  This needs to be done because we have too many pets in the world and not enough homes for the animals.  I really enjoyed taking care of my pet named Aussie.  I look forward to playing with him for a long time.”  ~ Amelia Pastucha