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The Foster Parent Program is just beginning to blossom at PCAPS.  This program allows young, orphaned, underweight, ill, or injured animals a second chance of becoming adoptable animals. There are currently over a dozen homes fostering animals for PCAPS. 


PCAPS places animals that are the most vulnerable ones in the population into foster homes.  These animals may be ill or injured and need a quiet place to recover.  They may be infants or mothers nursing young.  Puppies and kittens are especially vulnerable as they have weakened immune systems that leave them more susceptible to diseases.  Instead of these animals spending time at the shelter waiting in kennels to be big enough or strong enough for adoption, the animals are cared for in the homes of our volunteers.  In a foster home environment, these animals are loved and cared for as if they were the pets of the foster volunteers, allowing for the animals to experience minimal stress and exposure to disease.  Fostering not only functions to relieve the stress of these animals, but it also frees up valuable kennel space for adoptable animals. If you are interested in opening your heart and home to fostering, contact Becky Spencer (PCAPS Shelter Manager) at


Here are just a few furry faces that have gone through the foster program: