Donate Now


Making a donation is a great way to help the cats that have found their way to the shelter.  Donations can be in the form of a monetary donation, supply donation, or time commitment.


If you would like to know the different ways to help monetarily click here. 


Supply donations can be just as important as monetary ones. The shelter is in deperate need of cat and kitten supplies throughout the summer. The Peoria Humane Society hosts a Kitten Shower over the summer to promote adoption, but also everyone who attends is asked to bring a "shower gift" from the shelter wish list. It is amazing how quickly litters of kittens go through things like canned food, litter, and bedding.


The best way to donate supplies is to call the shelter at 672-2440 and find out what their greatest need is at the time. PCAPS keeps an Amazon wish list full of items that are needed throughout the year. Click here to browse the list.  The list is updated often by the shelter manager, ensuring that it stays current with the shelter's greatest needs.


You don't have to do it alone! Get your organization, group, club or employer to do a supply or donation drive. Once the donations are collected, you can bring them down to the shelter and see the animals you have helped. With proper notice, we would be very happy to give you a shelter tour.



Of course the final way to donate to the shelter is by giving your time. You can become a regular shelter volunteer or you can support one of our cat-centric events. In the last couple years the Peoria Humane Society has launched several cat and kitten related fundraisers in addition to the yearly Kitten Shower. There is also Kitty Yoga, Warm & Fuzzy Wednesdays, and Wine & Whiskers. Click on each event title to learn more about how you can participate.