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We Stand Ready to Help in Times of Need
We Stand Ready to Help in Times of Need

(Posted Mon. Apr 27th, 2020 @ 6:00pm by: Kitty Yanko)

We Stand Ready to Help in Times of Need

The Peoria Humane Society has been helping people help animals for more than 80 years.  We provide food to people so they can feed their pets in difficult times.  We support animals in shelter at PCAPS by paying for medical care when needed.  We donate supplies and pay for visits to the veterinarian when shelter animals go into foster homes.  We support people when they fall on hard times and need emergency assistance for their pets.  We focus on keeping pets in their homes and with their owners whenever possible, and when it’s not possible, we can help with temporary housing.   We give hope to the isolated, lonely, and sick through our pet therapy visits to heath care facilities.

We stand ready to help in times of need.  Now more than ever, we rely on each other to get through tough times.  Help us to be there for the people and animals of our community, we need your support.  Make a donation today, together we can make a difference for many.  

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