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Peoria Humane Society is dedicated to creating a humane environment for animals and humans. We are focused on ending pet overpopulation, cruelty and neglect to animals, and promoting respect and kindness to all through education and public awareness. The Peoria Humane Society incorporated more than 80 years ago to help the animals in Peoria. After years of struggling to conduct cruelty investigations and house homeless animals with little funding, the Board of Directors collaborated with the City of Peoria in 1980 to professionalize the animal control program and improve the welfare of animals in Peoria.


The PHS partners with Peoria County and the City of Peoria to offer comprehensive animal welfare and animal control services to all of Peoria county. Freed from the responsibility of funding a shelter, the PHS can devote its time, effort, and funds to increasing the adoption of shelter animals and creating a humane community. And, since the Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter remains the only shelter in Peoria County, citizens need only visit one place to find a lost pet or adopt a new pet. No duplication of services exists, nor do the organizations clash.


In this unique arrangement, the PHS can offer programs to further their mission of ending animal cruelty and neglect. Not only does the PHS fund programs including low-cost spay/neuter services, humane education, volunteer programs, veterinary care to sick, injured, and abused animals, and community awareness, the organization also provides equipment, supplies, and volunteers to PCAPS to benefit the thousands of homeless and unwanted animals in the community. The Peoria Humane Society is a non-profit corporation operating totally on donated funds from caring people like you!



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