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Pet Food Pantries


Working in partnership with PCAPS, the Peoria Humane Society provides pet food to people who are struggling financially and cannot afford to feed  their pets. Dog and cat food is available for pick up at Peoria County Animal Protection Services during normal business hours,
Monday - Saturday 8am - 5pm.  2600 NE Perry Ave. Peoria. 


Additionally, the PHS supplies pet food to many local food pantries in the Peoria area - for more information about distribution days and times, contact the food pantries listed below:


East Bluff Community Center Food Pantry
512 E. Kansas St. Peoria, IL 61603
(309) 839-0781


Hidden Manna Food Pantry
644 Park Ave. Peoria, IL 61603
(309) 472-6377


Love in Action Food Pantry
Assembly of God Church
422 W. Truitt Ave. Chillicothe, IL 61523
(309) 274-3172


Sophia's Kitchen Food Pantry
103 S. Richard Pryor Pl. Peoria, IL 61605
(309) 655-1578


Washington Helps It's People (WHIP)

1235 Peoria St. Washington, IL 61571

(309) 657-6480

Want to help?  DONATE HERE to make it possible to supply local food pantries with much needed pet food.

Together we can make a difference for many.  


The Peoria Humane Society has been helping people help animals for more than 80 years. We need your support now more than ever!