Kitty Yanko

For several years now, the Peoria Humane Society has been connecting therapy dogs with children of all ages to strengthen the bond between pets and people while encouraging a love for reading through the PAWS TO READ  program. This terrific reading to dogs program has been offered in a wide variety of Peoria venues, including the 5 branch libraries of the Peoria Public Library syetem.


This year, the theme for the summertime reading program for all libraries throughout the state of Illinois was PAWS TO READ. So the Peoria Library decided to deepen their partnership for this effort, creating the most successful such program in the history of summertime reading in Peoria. This special partnership showcased some of the Peoria Humane Society's celebrity canine buddies.


And, it provided an opportunity for French artist, Valerie Saubot-Rouit to create five families of incredibly sweet paper mache dogs, one for each of Peoria's five branch libraries. Kayse Doering, an architect with Farnesworth Group here in Peoria, added the nifty little residencies for each of these families. Now that this summertime reading program is complete, these beautiful works of art will become part of the Peoria Public Library's permanent collection. We courage all dog lovers to make your way to the Peoria library locations to see these adorable dogs on display - it's worth the trip.