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Sponsor a Shelter Pet!

Would you like to help homeless animals, but you are not in a place in your life where you can adopt?



Consider sponsoring a shelter animal!




How do I sponsor a shelter pet?

          Step 1. Choose a pet you would like to sponsor

          Step 2. Fill out the form below and make your donation.

                  **you need the animal's name and shelter ID number to complete the form

             Step 3. You will receive a special certificate with a brief biography and message from your sponsored pet. If you would like to sponsor a                               pet in honor or memory of a loved one just make sure you have that person's information when you fill out the form.


You can find a complete list of the animals in the PCAPS shelter at  You can also see pictures of select current animals for adoption on the PCAPS facebook page.


How much is it to sponsor a shelter pet?

You can donate as much or as little as you'd like toward your sponsored pet.

The price breakdown is as follows:

                                          For $0-29 you receive an e-card with a special picture of your pet and a brief biography.                          

For $30-49 you receive a mailed card acknowledging your donation with a printed picture and bio.

For  $50+ you receive a mailed card, picture, plus special acknowledgement on the animal's cage.


What does it mean to "sponsor" a shelter pet?

By sponsoring a shelter pet, you make a donation that contributes to the care of shelter animals. While we cannot guarantee that your donation will go directly to the animal you choose, it will fund things like medical care, maintaining our foster program, and shelter supplies for all the helpless animals in the PCAPS Shelter.  Just because you can't adopt doesn't mean you can't make a difference!


What animals can I sponsor?

You can sponsor any animal currently at the PCAPS shelter. That includes dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles, etc. If it is for adoption, you can sponsor it. If you sponsor an animal and it gets adopted, you will still receive a card from that animal. If you wanted acknowledgement on the cage/kennel, we will work with you to make other arrangements. For any further questions, call Brittany at 309-682-9015.


Honor a loved one by sponsoring a shelter pet

You can also purchase a sponsorship of a shelter pet as a gift. You may want to honor a special occasion, a special person, or the memory of one of your own pets. The Peoria Humane Society can send the card with the sponsored pet's picture and bio to anyone you choose.