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Special Pals

Special Pals is a pet therapy program that the Peoria Humane Society provides for the Peoria area.  The Special Pals program provides support for the disabled, elderly, and young through regular visits to area hospitals, long-term health care facilities, schools, and residential facilities. Participating dogs are evaluated and required to be registered therapy dogs prior to visiting area locations.


Program Benefits:

  • Research has shown that the physical well-being of people improves when pet therapy is available.  Simply petting an animal has been shown to lower a person’s blood pressure and reduce heart rate.

  • The handler/animal teams provide positive interactions that bring joy to all involed.

  • It educates those inexperienced with animals on the value of human/animal contact.

  • It deepens the bond between a handler and their dog by providing an activity that they can participate in together.

  • It fulfills a working dogs need to have a job to do.


The Peoria Humane Society understands the value of the human/animal bond and remains committed to sharing our therapy dogs to those in need.  If you have an interest in participating in the pet therapy program please contact us via e-mail ( or by calling 309-672-2447.



Watch the video below to learn even more about Special Pals: